Describing your visit to some historical building in English 

Describing your visit to some historical building in English 

Write a letter to your younger sister Rani, describing your visit to some historical building. You are Seema living at Pratibha Hostel, Bal Bharti, Delhi.

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Pratibha Hostel

Bal Bharti


10th October, 20..

Dear Rani

I received your letter yesterday. Actually it had arrived earlier but I could not get it as I was out of town. Our History teacher had arranged for an educational tour to Agra and I, along with my classmates, enjoyed a three day trip to the place. We reached Agra before noon. Inspite of being tired, we could not wait till Tithe next day and went to see The Taj in the evening. The bewitching sight narrated the history of it. It truly exhibits the emotion of love as one falls in love with The Taj itself at first sight. It is, no doubt, one of the seven wonders of the world. Then we went to see the Agra Fort. Here Shahjahn was captivated by his own son. The old emperor could have a full view of taj Mahal from here. We learn from these tours what no books can teach. What I saw there will always remain fresh in my memory.

With regards to Mama and Papa

Yours affectionately


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